Best Asian Country To Travel In December

Ultimate Asian Countries to Explore in December 1. Japan Experience the mesmerizing allure of Japan during the enchanting month of December. Revel in the picturesque

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Top Asian Destination for December Travel

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Ultimate Asian Countries to Explore in December

1. Japan

Experience the mesmerizing allure of Japan during the enchanting month of December. Revel in the picturesque landscapes draped in a snowy blanket, immerse yourself in the lively cities, and partake in unique cultural encounters. Don’t miss the chance to witness the magical winter illuminations that transform cities like Tokyo and Osaka into captivating wonderlands. Additionally, indulge in the traditional hot springs (onsen) or engage in thrilling winter activities in popular locations such as Hokkaido.

2. Thailand

Escape the cold weather by embarking on an extraordinary journey to Thailand in December. Its tropical climate, stunning beaches, and vibrant festivals make it an unforgettable destination. Immerse yourself in the vibrant Loy Krathong festival or explore the bustling streets of Bangkok, teeming with life. And, of course, savor the delectable Thai cuisine that will leave your taste buds craving for more.

3. South Korea

December in South Korea presents a delightful blend of natural wonders and rich cultural heritage. Discover the charms of Seoul, where awe-inspiring palaces, colorful markets, and delectable street food await you. For the adventurous souls, the ski resorts of Gangwon Province, including Pyeongchang, the host of the 2018 Winter Olympics, offer thrilling experiences surrounded by breathtaking landscapes.

4. Vietnam

Embark on an exploration of diverse experiences in Vietnam throughout December. Wander the vibrant streets of Hanoi, cruise through the awe-inspiring Halong Bay, or immerse yourself in the history of the enchanting city of Hoi An. The pleasant weather during this period makes it ideal for outdoor activities and uncovering the beauty of Sapa or the awe-inspiring Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park.

5. Malaysia

Experience the perfect blend of modernity and natural beauty in Malaysia, an alluring destination for December travel. Discover the vibrant cityscape of Kuala Lumpur, taking in iconic landmarks such as the awe-inspiring Petronas Twin Towers and the bustling night markets. For nature enthusiasts, the stunning beaches of Langkawi or the lush rainforests of Borneo offer remarkable opportunities for exploration.

Scenic Beauty of Japan's Winter

Experience the Enchanting Winter Landscapes of Japan

Beautiful Winter Landscapes

Japan, renowned for its mesmerizing natural beauty, transforms into a captivating winter wonderland during the colder months. Snow-capped mountains, untouched valleys, and tranquil countryside create a picturesque spectacle. Explore the iconic Mount Fuji, adorned with its white snowy blanket, and witness the charming snow monkeys enjoying soothing hot springs. Japan’s enchanting landscapes during winter are a sight to behold.

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Hot Springs and Onsen Culture

When the temperatures drop, find solace in the therapeutic waters of traditional Japanese hot springs and onsens. These geothermal baths, known for their healing properties, have been an integral part of Japanese culture for ages. Immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance, allowing the warmth to rejuvenate your body and mind while admiring the snow-covered surroundings. Japan’s hot springs and onsen culture offer a blissful escape from the winter cold.

Festivals and Illuminations

Winter in Japan also brings forth a multitude of vibrant festivals and dazzling illuminations that illuminate the entire country. Dive into the joyful atmosphere of events like the Sapporo Snow Festival, where intricate ice sculptures and snow statues adorn the streets. Be mesmerized by the breathtaking light displays during Tokyo’s winter illuminations, which transform parks, gardens, and landmarks into magical spectacles. Japan’s winter festivities are a celebration of beauty and artistry.

Winter Sports and Activities

Adventure enthusiasts will find a plethora of thrilling winter sports and activities in Japan. From skiing and snowboarding in world-class resorts such as Niseko and Hakuba to exploring serene forests on snowshoes or conquering frozen waterfalls through ice climbing, there is an exhilarating experience for everyone. Embrace the adrenaline rush and witness the unparalleled beauty of Japan’s winter wonderland from a unique perspective.

Thailand: Embracing the Best of Asian <a href=travel in December” src=””/>

Discover the Tropical Splendor: Exploring Thailand’s Exquisite Beaches and Islands

Tropical Beaches and the Excitement of Island Hopping

Thailand is renowned for its breathtaking tropical beaches and crystalline waters, offering an unparalleled experience for beach enthusiasts. From the renowned expanses of pristine white sand in Phuket and Krabi to the sequestered bays of Koh Lanta and Koh Phi Phi, every beach in Thailand exudes its distinct allure. Visitors are treated to sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, and even embarking on exhilarating diving adventures to explore the vibrant underwater world.

Revel in Festivities and Mesmerizing Fireworks

Thailand is a land that knows how to revel in joyous celebrations, and the locals sure love their festivities. With lively festivals like Songkran (Thai New Year) and Loy Krathong, visitors are able to witness the country come alive with cultural performances, traditional attires, and awe-inspiring displays of fireworks. These events truly highlight the vivacious spirit of the Thai people, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of every tourist fortunate enough to experience them.

Immerse in the Richness of Temple Visits and Cultural Explorations

Thailand boasts thousands of temples, each distinguished by its unique architectural style and cultural significance. From the iconic Wat Arun in Bangkok to the tranquil Wat Phra That Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai, travelers have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Thailand’s deep Buddhist heritage. Embarking on a journey through these sacred temples not only offers a spiritual experience, but also provides a profound understanding of the captivating cultural traditions upheld by the Thai people.

Indulge in the Delights of Shopping and Explore the Vibrant Night Markets

If you have a penchant for shopping, Thailand will certainly exceed your expectations. The bustling night markets of Bangkok, such as Chatuchak and Rot Fai Market, present an extensive array of merchandise, ranging from trendy fashion items to intriguing souvenirs. Visitors can meander through the bustling stalls, engage in friendly haggling for a great deal, and savor the delightful street food along the way. The vivacious atmosphere and exceptional shopping experience make Thailand an absolute dream destination for shopaholics.

Winter in South Korea

Seoul’s Winter Wonderland

Marvel at Seoul’s Snowy Magic

Seoul, the bustling capital city of South Korea, undergoes a magical transformation during the winter season. Its charming landscapes and captivating cultural attractions make it an irresistible destination for those yearning for a distinct winter experience.

Explore Captivating Festivals and Events

Seoul hosts a variety of winter festivals that showcase the charm of the season. One of the highlights is the Seoul Lantern Festival, where the city streets are adorned with thousands of beautifully lit lanterns, creating a truly enchanting atmosphere. Visitors can also enjoy gliding gracefully on the Seoul Plaza Ice Skating Rink, a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.

Indulge in Authentic Korean Cuisine

Winter presents the perfect opportunity to indulge in delightful Korean dishes that warm the soul. Treat yourself to a steaming bowl of samgyetang, a wholesome chicken soup infused with medicinal herbs. Don’t forget to sample sizzling Korean barbecue, a flavorful and interactive dining experience that will leave you craving more.

Gangwon Province: The Ultimate Skiing Destination

Take on the Slopes in Gangwon Province

Gangwon Province, just a short distance from Seoul, is home to world-class ski resorts that attract winter sports enthusiasts from all over the world. With its breathtaking mountain landscapes and meticulously maintained slopes, Gangwon Province is a paradise for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts.

Experience Thrills and Adrenaline

Gangwon Province caters to skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels, from beginners to experts. With a wide array of ski resorts offering gentle slopes for novices and challenging courses for seasoned athletes, there is something to suit everyone’s preferences. Feel the exhilaration of gliding down powdery slopes and immerse yourself in the thrill of winter sports in this stunning region.

Immerse Yourself in the Traditional Hanbok

Immerse in Korean Culture with Hanbok

For an authentic cultural immersion experience, embrace the traditional Korean attire known as hanbok. In Seoul, numerous rental shops offer a diverse selection of hanbok styles for both men and women. Stroll through the historic streets of Bukchon Hanok Village or visit Gyeongbokgung Palace while adorned in this elegant and vibrant garment, transporting yourself back in time.

Create Lasting Memories with Stunning Photos

By donning the hanbok, not only will you feel a connection to Korean culture, but you will also have the opportunity to capture unforgettable photographs. The intricate designs and rich colors of this traditional attire provide a captivating backdrop against Seoul’s historical sites and breathtaking scenery.

Ice Fishing and Enchanting Ice Sculptures

Embark on Icy Adventures

Discover the unique winter activities offered in South Korea, such as ice fishing and admiring exquisite ice sculptures. Head to the Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival, where you can participate in ice fishing by drilling a hole in the frozen river and catching fresh mountain trout. Marvel at the detailed ice sculptures crafted by skillful artists, showcasing their creativity and expertise.

Indulge in the Winter Magic

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of ice festivals in South Korea, where you can explore vast gardens filled with stunning ice structures and glide down exciting ice slides. These festivals serve as delightful celebrations of winter, enchanting people of all ages. Prepare to be mesmerized by the dazzling displays and fully immerse yourself in the enchanting magic of winter.

Vietnam - A Fascinating Destination for December Travel

Experience the Natural Beauty, Rich Culture, and Mouthwatering Cuisine of Vietnam

Discover the Enchanting Landscapes of Ha Long Bay

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of Vietnam at Ha Long Bay, a mesmerizing destination known for its emerald-green waters and majestic limestone islands. Hop on a boat cruise and be captivated by the stunning karst formations, explore hidden caves that unveil secrets from the past, or simply unwind on the pristine sandy beaches. This picturesque landscape will leave an everlasting impression on your journey through Vietnam.

Indulge in the Delights of Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine

Embark on a culinary adventure through Vietnam and savor the flavors of authentic Vietnamese cuisine. From the bustling street food stalls to exquisite fine dining establishments, Vietnam offers a diverse range of culinary delights. Treat your taste buds to the iconic Pho, a savory broth-based noodle soup adorned with fragrant herbs and tender meat, or relish the tantalizing Banh Mi, a delectable Vietnamese baguette filled with a medley of savory ingredients. Let the bold and fresh flavors of Vietnamese cuisine immerse you in an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Unveiling the Rich History and Sacred Temples of Vietnam

Step into the past as you explore Vietnam’s historical sites and ancient temples, encapsulating the rich tapestry of the nation’s history. Journey to the Imperial City of Hue, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and marvel at its grand palaces and ornate royal tombs. Discover the enchanting town of Hoi An, where perfectly preserved architecture and vibrant lanterns adorn its charming streets. Immerse yourself in history at the Cu Chi Tunnels, a remarkable underground network that played a pivotal role during the Vietnam War. Unravel the stories of Vietnam’s past through these captivating historical sites and sacred temples.

Embrace the Vibrancy of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

Immerse yourself in the lively spirit of Vietnam’s dynamic cities, including Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Wander through the bustling streets of Hanoi, where traditional Vietnamese culture intertwines with modern life. Discover ancient temples, pay homage at the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, or lose yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the Old Quarter. In Ho Chi Minh City, relish the sight of impressive French colonial architecture, meander through vibrant markets, and delight in the delectable street food offerings. These vibrant cities embody the essence of Vietnam’s evolving identity, offering a true taste of its cultural diversity and urban charm.

Image showcasing Malaysia as the Best Asian Country to <a href=travel in December” src=””/>

Uncovering the Marvels of Malaysia

Tropical Rainforests and National Parks

Malaysia is home to a flourishing variety of captivating tropical rainforests and national parks. From the renowned Taman Negara, housing ancient trees and rare wildlife, to the awe-inspiring Mount Kinabalu in Borneo, known for its unique assortment of native species, Malaysia presents unmatched opportunities for nature aficionados and thrill seekers.

Beach Escapes in Langkawi and Penang

Embark on a journey to the pristine beaches of Langkawi and Penang, where crystal-clear waters and golden sands allure globetrotters from every corner of the globe. With its picturesque palm-fringed coastlines, Langkawi offers a serene sanctuary amidst breathtaking natural scenery, while Penang’s beaches are complemented by cultural attractions and captivating colonial architecture.

Abundant Cultural Heritage and UNESCO Sites

Malaysia’s abundant cultural heritage and distinguished UNESCO World Heritage Sites provide a unique glimpse into its vibrant history. Unearth the charm of historic cities such as Malacca and George Town, both acknowledged for their architecturally and culturally significant landmarks. Immerse yourself in the fusion of Malay, Chinese, and Indian influences that shape the nation’s diverse traditions.

Gastronomic Paradise and Street Food Delights

Pleasure your taste buds in Malaysia’s renowned status as a gastronomic paradise. From the enticing flavors of nasi lemak and satay to the multicultural delights offered by bustling street food stalls, Malaysia’s cuisine epitomizes a melting pot of tantalizing tastes. Whether you’re exploring the vibrant hawker centers of Kuala Lumpur or the hidden food alleys of Penang, a culinary adventure awaits at every corner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the visa requirements for traveling to Japan?

When planning a trip to Japan, it is essential to be aware of the visa requirements. Most countries require a valid passport and visa to enter Japan. However, some nationalities may be exempt from obtaining a visa for tourism or business purposes, but only for a limited duration. To ensure accurate information, it is advisable to contact the Japanese embassy or consulate in your country for the specific visa requirements based on your nationality.

What currency is used in Thailand?

Thailand uses the Thai Baht (THB) as its official currency. It is advisable to exchange your currency into Thai Baht before your journey. Money exchange services are easily accessible at banks, exchange booths, and authorized money changers, including those at the airport.

Is it safe to travel to South Korea in winter?

Traveling to South Korea during winter offers unique experiences, but it is crucial to be well-prepared. The country experiences cold temperatures, so it is essential to pack appropriate winter clothing such as jackets, gloves, and hats. Staying updated with weather conditions and travel advisories ensures a safe and enjoyable trip.

Do I need a visa to visit Vietnam?

The visa requirements for visiting Vietnam vary depending on your nationality. Some countries are eligible for visa exemptions for a specific period, while others must obtain a pre-approved visa or a visa on arrival. It is recommended to consult the nearest Vietnamese embassy or consulate to confirm the visa requirements based on your nationality.

How can I get around in Malaysia?

Malaysia offers various modes of transportation for convenient travel. Taxis, ride-sharing services, buses, and trains are available to navigate cities and towns. Major cities like Kuala Lumpur also have an efficient metro system known as the MRT and LRT. Planning your transportation routes in advance and utilizing maps or navigation apps can enhance your travel experience in Malaysia.

What is the ideal time to visit Japan in December?

December in Japan offers enchanting winter scenery and joyful festivities. The best time to visit depends on personal preferences. Early December showcases vibrant autumn foliage in certain regions, while mid to late December provides a magical winter atmosphere, often accompanied by snowfall in cities like Tokyo and Kyoto. Checking the local weather forecast and planning accordingly can help you make the most of your December trip to Japan.

Are there any travel restrictions in Thailand?

Travel restrictions in Thailand can vary depending on the prevailing circumstances. It is crucial to stay informed by regularly checking travel advisories issued by your government and referring to official sources for updates. During certain situations, special entry requirements or restrictions may be implemented. It is vital to adhere to any guidelines or regulations set by the Thai authorities for a safe and hassle-free trip.

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