Travel To Victoria Falls From South Africa

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Transportation Choices from South Africa to Victoria Falls

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Transportation choices from South Africa to Victoria Falls

Traveling Options from South Africa to Victoria Falls

Flights Departing Major Cities in South Africa to Victoria Falls

One of the quickest and most convenient ways to embark on a journey from South Africa to Victoria Falls is by taking a flight. Major cities such as Johannesburg and Cape Town provide direct flights to Victoria Falls International Airport. Airlines like South African Airways, British Airways, and Air Zimbabwe regularly operate flights on this particular route. The flight duration from Johannesburg typically spans around 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Overland Journey by Car or Bus

If you prefer a picturesque voyage and have ample time at your disposal, embarking on an overland journey by car or bus is an excellent option. This route will treat you to breathtaking landscapes and allow you to immerse yourself in the diverse cultures encountered along the way. The road stretches for approximately 1,700 kilometers from South Africa to Victoria Falls, and driving from Johannesburg usually takes around 18 to 20 hours. Alternatively, scheduled bus trips are available from Johannesburg or Cape Town to Victoria Falls.

Train Expeditions from South Africa to Victoria Falls

Another splendid approach to reaching Victoria Falls is through a delightful train expedition. The well-regarded Rovos Rail offers luxurious accommodations and ensures a remarkable and comfortable experience. The journey originates from the glorious city of Pretoria in South Africa, traversing awe-inspiring landscapes that include the beautiful Victoria Falls Bridge. Expect this enchanting expedition to span around 48 hours, which truly allows you to savor the scenery while traveling in style.

Suggested Routes and Estimated travel Time

If you commence your journey from Johannesburg, the popular choice would be a direct flight to Victoria Falls. Nevertheless, if you fancy a mesmerizing road trip, consider driving through Zimbabwe from Johannesburg, as this option provides an opportunity to explore more of the country. It is advised to plan for intermittent overnight stops to rejuvenate and relish the attractions along the way.

Useful Tips for Crossing the Border between South Africa and Zimbabwe/Zambia

When embarking on a border crossing between South Africa and Zimbabwe or Zambia, it is crucial to ensure that all the necessary travel documents are in order. These documents typically include a valid passport, appropriate visa (if required), and vehicle papers (if driving). Before your trip, it is highly recommended to check the latest visa requirements and regulations to avoid any potential complications during the border crossing process. Additionally, it is advisable to exchange some currency, as the local currency primarily functions at Victoria Falls.

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